Support Services for Schools

  • Conduct teacher observations and walkthroughs in order to lighten the burden on district administrators (preschool through twelfth grade)
  • Compose observation, walkthrough, corrective action plans, and/or summative reports
  • Revise, edit, and provide feedback on reports written by administrators
  • Create and/or revise evaluation system documents and forms, such as observation, PDP, documentation log, walkthrough, SGP, and summative forms with fidelity to your district’s evaluation model.
  • Develop and implement evaluation system training sessions for teachers and/or administrators

Customizable Professional Development Workshops

  • Unpacking the Standards
  • Conducting Effective Pre- and Post Observation & Summative Conferences
  • Writing Evidence-based Reports
  • Creating and Implementing a Corrective Action Plan
  • Using the Evaluation System to Earn Trust
  • Connecting Evaluation to Professional Development
  • Additional sessions can be developed based on your district’s needs




Let's Work Together

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